Natalija Vincic art exhibition in Monaco

International artist Natalija Vincic is exhibiting her art until the 15 november 2020 in Monaco. You can to discover the collection Mystery of love, in Le Quai des artistes Monaco, renowned brasserie with parisian Style. Port Hercule, 4 quai Antoine 1er Monaco.

About the Artist Natalija Vincic

Natalija Vincic is an international educated artist borned in Macedonia. She is inspired by masters of the early Renaissance like Giotto, by artists from Art Nouveau and Art Deco. She imposes her style in the exaggeration of forms, the power of colors and the fine line which comes to her from practising the Byzantine art. Her path leads her from iconography to the traces of Tamara de Lempicka, Gustav Klimt or Mucha. Through her art, she wishes to share her own vision on existential questions and philosophical themes. Full biography here :

The collection Mystery of Love

« One of my favorite mythological stories is about Eros, greek god of love or Cupidon (for the Roman). He was son of Aphrodite the goddess of beauty and love. Eros himself got in love with princess called Psyche(soul). His image character was an inspiration for artists, poets, writers, giving light to our essential instinct love. The greatest adventure in life is discovering the mystery of love. In this collection of 11 paintings, Eros, revealing us, told and untold stories ».

Short list of 3 paintings on 11

The fruit of love. On this painting, is represented Eros with his brother Pothos, eating from the fruit of love. Acrylic on canvas, golden leaves – 100cm x 150cm.

Love have arrived. Eros holding a flower willing to give, because love is about giving. In the other hand he is holding an arrow, symbol of focus energy, going in direction of our desire. The books representing knowledge, we can learn from them, but our own experience will make our soul immortal. Acrylic on canvas – 80cm X 80cm.

The Iris. The protagonist in this painting, it’s an ordinary woman, becoming a Queen of her story. She decides to believe in love even after broken heart. And just then, she becomes a pure heart. This achievement it’s moment of celebration. Eros appearing from the magical realm, bringing her the Iris flower. Symbol of wisdom, royalty and purity. Acrylic on canvas, gilding – 150cm x 120cm.

Le Quai des artistes – 4 Quai Antoine 1er, 98000 Monaco – Artist’s phone number: +33 6 60 54 20 12